How to Clean & Clear My Apron

The best way to maintain your waxed apron is to avoid machine washing, hot water, and detergents that will break down the wax in the fabric.
● NO machine wash 
● NO hot water   
● NO detergents / bleach
● NO dry cleaning    
● NO aggressive scrubbing

– Spot Cleaning with a damp rag will suffice for most uses. The apron will resist liquids and bead up,making it easy to clean, gentle scrubbing in the soiled area. Hang and air dry in a warm space.

– Deep Cleaning when needed, clean with a soft brush using a mixture of Castile soap and lukewarm water. Hang and air dry in a warm space.
The apron can be re-waxed as needed using fabric wax and applying heat by using a hair dryer to ensure an even coating.
Keep a distance with high temperature environments to avoid burning or deformation.